Deeper, More Meaningful Travel
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Duende Retreats offers unique experiences to those who want to travel on a deeper level to create lasting connections with themselves, the places they visit and those they meet along the way.

Who Goes on a Duende Trip?
Friends you have yet to meet.

Authors. Architects. Barrel racers. Dental hygienists. Caretakers. Homemakers. Honeymooners. Grandmothers. Grandfathers. Mothers. Daughters. Fathers. Sons. Sons in law. Daughters in law. Widows and widowers. Stay at home parents. Working parents. High-powered executives. Just retired. Just divorced. Just started dating again. Never dating again….  The one thing that brings everyone all together: they said yes. To getting away from their regular routines, their jobs, their precious families and day-to-day life and decided to see what it would be like to be whisked away on a Duende Retreat.

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